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Wohnen statt Beten: Freiburger Kirche St. Elisabeth wird umgebaut

Wohnen statt Beten: Freiburger Kirche St. Elisabeth wird umgebaut In the German city Freiburg, a decision has been made to redesign the church of the Zähringen congregation, St. Elisabeth, into new housing. The church of massive concrete was designed by Rainer Disse in 1965 and manifests an example of sacral brutalistic architecture. The congregation did […]

Neuer Bildungscampus Efeuweg: Ein Campus Rütli für die Gropiusstadt

Neuer Bildungscampus Efeuweg: Ein Campus Rütli für die Gropiusstadt An interesting educational project in Gropiusstadt, which is connected to Quartiersmanagement.

Stadt und Engagement: Berlin kehrt sich einen Dreck

Stadt und Engagement: Berlin kehrt sich einen Dreck With Berlin being the city of parties, it is apparently also that of dirt. The city’s dirt problem is the theme of the article in today’s Tagespiegel. To fight the problem, it spots not the failing financial situation as the key but presents a different, and more […]

Participative Urban Planning

It will be the weekend of participative urban planning. Not only a project in spe but also a success story: BVG’s new initiative of customer participation: It is described well in this article:!110563/ ——- Partizipation: “Gute Dinge brauchen lange” A good example of parcipative urban planning and, a positive piece of news in […] equals Masterplan for Bikes !

Apropros my article on, this comment in Berliner Morgenpost (03.01.13) could be one of the follow-up initiatives: Then the Senatsverwaltung für Stadtentwicklung und Umwelt could get their quieter city and the citizens a better one.

Cologne Preserves 60s Architectural Giant

Cologne Preserves 60s Architectural Giant Last week Thursday, the district government of Cologne proofed the Fachhochschule in Deutz worthy of preservation. The crucial argument was: “Es ist ein Dokument der Bildungsreformen der 60er Jahre” (eng: “It [the school red.] is a document of the 60s educational reforms”) This argument acknowledges architecture as an embodiment of […]

Politicization through Preservation

“Preserving Palestine’s Architectural Heritage” on Gulf News is an interesting article on the contemporary political value of architecture and the potential of development in historical heritage: “It took Riwaq 13 years to prepare a record of historical buildings in Palestine, before moving on to rehabilitation and development of the architectural heritage. This involved restoring […]

A Comment on Waldorf Astoria’s Idea on Urban Improvement

The hotel group Hilton opens a new Waldorf Astoria at Bahnhof Zoo, Berlin in the coming year. This is with the hope of developing the quarter in the right direction. Yet, I am puzzled of the belief in multinational companies of the following article: When has a Hilton hotel, or hotel architecture generally, ever changed […]

Berlinian Gentrification as “Zombification”

The most interesting article of the weekend came from Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung: The article discusses gentrification processes as, interestingly enough, the zombie apocalypse of our time. Maybe the journalist has a point: “Die neuen Bauprojekte verdrängen nicht einfach nach guter alter Gentrifizierungsart das Einfache und Provisorische durch ein wohlhabendes bürgerliches Leben. Sie zombifizieren die […]