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Stadt und Engagement: Berlin kehrt sich einen Dreck

Stadt und Engagement: Berlin kehrt sich einen Dreck With Berlin being the city of parties, it is apparently also that of dirt. The city’s dirt problem is the theme of the article in today’s Tagespiegel. To fight the problem, it spots not the failing financial situation as the key but presents a different, and more […]

Participative Urban Planning

It will be the weekend of participative urban planning. Not only a project in spe but also a success story: BVG’s new initiative of customer participation: It is described well in this article:!110563/ ——- Partizipation: “Gute Dinge brauchen lange” A good example of parcipative urban planning and, a positive piece of news in […] equals Masterplan for Bikes !

Apropros my article on, this comment in Berliner Morgenpost (03.01.13) could be one of the follow-up initiatives: Then the Senatsverwaltung für Stadtentwicklung und Umwelt could get their quieter city and the citizens a better one. equals

LÄRM. The Senatsverwaltung für Stadtentwicklung und Umwelt of Berlin has decided to reduce Berlin’s noise. Through the Internet, the Senat lets the common Berliner complain about their noisy streets and here through, improve their city. Being interested in this new participative move of the Berliner Senate, I ask: does a quieter city make a better […]

The Rhetoric of Urban Planning: The Difference Between “kvarterplan” and “Quartiersmanagement”

A lot of different terms are used in the rhetoric field of urban planning. One concerns the national difference between the German “Quartiersmanagement” and the Danish “kvarterplan” (both terms are related to, in English, the idea of urban renewal). In spite of the different rhetoric, is there an actual difference? Compared, how do the two […]