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Everybody is Talking About Biking

The Biking Discussion is celebrating one of its peaks around Europe’s different capitols. In London, Mayor Boris Johnson just launched a plan for £913m to improve biking habits of the Londoners. From the Dutch model, Johnson wants to build a crossrail for bikes and “de-Lucra-fy” the way of biking. In other words, biking should not […]

Walter Benjamin: Winterabend

Manchmal nahm mich an Winterabenden meine Mutter zum Kaufmann mit. Es war ein dunkles, unbekanntes Berlin, das sich im Gaslicht vor mir ausbreitete. Wir blieben im alten Westen, dessen Straßenzüge einträchtiger und anspruchsloser waren als die später bevorzugten. Die Erker und Säulen gewahrte man nicht mehr deutlich, und in die Fassaden war Licht getreten. Lag […]

Wohnen in Berlin #2: The Concept of Pecha Kucha in Politics

Pecha Kucha is originally a format for “informal and fun gatherings where creative people get together and share their ideas”. In the process of developing the Stadtentwicklungsplan “StEP Wohnen” for Berlin, the Senatsverwaltung für Stadtentwicklung und Umwelt used this rather innovative concept to develop interdisciplinary discussion. To evaluate this interesting step of the Senate, I […]

Wohnen in Berlin: A Mismatch Between Rhetoric and Practice

“Berlin is attractive. Berlin is growing. Berlin needs flats“. Such buzzwords are very popular in the present debate on the further urban development of the German capitol. Under the main theme “living” and the parole “Berlin braucht mehr Wohnungsbau für alle”, the Senatsverwaltung für Stadtentwicklung und Umwelt prepares Berlin for the upcoming Internationale Bauausstellung (IBA) […]

Beautiful Copenhagen anno 1937

Writing about biking culture and feeling a bit homesick, I feel that it is time to share this video. A MGM Production from 1937 about the idyllic, yet innovative, Copenhagen.

The Mobile University of Berlin: Aiming for an Integration of Urban Discourses

To be legitimate able to plan a city, one has to be an educated urban planner – but the distance between the closed universe of academica and that of a particular corner in particular quarter in a particular city is great. How can one create a common ground between the academic discourse of the urban […]

New British School Architecture: A Reversed Logic

The conservative education secretary in Great Britain, Michael Gove, has recently decided to do a radical regulation in the laws concerning public school architecture. Meaning saving public funds says the government, meaning educational cutback for a whole generation say the critics. Though disagreeing with this political priority, I still do not agree with its critics […]

Presentations of Architecture Then and Now: An Educational Cutback

The final presentation of a piece of architecture matters quite a lot. It can be said to closely compete with the importance of the building itself. Apart from its values in the present, the presentation also has a historical factor: how a piece of architecture is presented can be essential for its future perception.  Due […]

urbantekstur grows up

Due to urbantekstur’s focus on an international palette of architectural and urban problematics as well as its interest of growing up to embrace an international audience, the articles on the blog will in the future be in English.

The Rhetoric of Urban Planning: The Difference Between “kvarterplan” and “Quartiersmanagement”

A lot of different terms are used in the rhetoric field of urban planning. One concerns the national difference between the German “Quartiersmanagement” and the Danish “kvarterplan” (both terms are related to, in English, the idea of urban renewal). In spite of the different rhetoric, is there an actual difference? Compared, how do the two […]

With Emigholz in France og Algeria: Reality as a Communicative Tool

An architecture film with neither sound nor storyboard, only keeping reality as background; the director Heinz Emigholz communicates architectonical spaces in the purest form. Fascinated, though critical, I ask myself the question: is reality actually the best form of architecture communication? “I do documentaries without narratives. In our time we are able to find such […]